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Producer Gary Katz put together the band for the first Steely Dan album, after concluding that their material was too complicated for most rock musicians. The group disbanded in , but have been returned to record and tour since the mids. The band gained national attention with their album Southern Rock Opera, a record that starts with a car wreck, ends with a plane crash, and in between addresses George Wallace, teenage chastity belts, and coming of age rock experiences. The last three albums from the Truckers, although squarely in the traditional rock band context, have been more focused on the songwriting than on guitar fireworks.

With the growth of their audience, their album English Oceans peaked at 14 on the album charts. Shortly after the leaving the band, she met producer Kenny Laguna, who had a long history in bubblegum pop and rock music.

4 Hours of Rockabilly and Rock'n'roll Music! - Music Legends Book

Joan released her first solo album in , before forming the Blackhearts. Jett and the Blackhearts released consistently solid albums in the s with mixed commercial results. By the s, it seemed like almost everything that could possibly be done in electric guitar based rock music had been accomplished. Many new punk and metal bands were simply replicating tried and true formulas and the world of pop music was turning toward electronic based sounds.

Working with feedback and alternative tunings, Sonic Youth created a guitar sound that could be brutal or exhilarating. The band formed in New York in and released their first album, Confusion is Sex, in While many favorable reviews followed, the window for any mainstream success passed by and after 15 studio albums, Sonic Youth broke up in But Marquee Moon showed the group as the exclusive project of guitarist Tom Verlaine, an interesting Jerry Garcia influenced guitarist who lacked melodic ideas or any emotional sensibility.

I was very influenced by Tom Verlaine—not stylistically, but in terms of approach and tearing up the rule-book. The snow fell lightly and disappeared. I felt the old ropes grow slack.

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The world looked so thin, and between my bones and skin there stood another person who was a little surprised, to be face to face with a world so alive. Your names, your qualities I could drink them. Electricity means so much more to me. Never the rose, without the prick.

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But tell me how do I say. I woke up and it was yesterday.

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Somehow it brings your face to me. My head was spinning; blank1, blank2, blank3! Saw you standing in my heartbeat, blank1 blank2 blank3 blank4 blank5. Saw you standing in my heartbeat, Cinderella with a new treat. Key words … overseas factor.

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For whom was Television the opening act? What is this one word? HINT: It was not due to a drug problem. Morris, New Jersey and lived there for a short period, but he spent his formative years growing up in Wilmington, Delaware. From the window of a train it had this look to it. Tom Hulce portrays an even bigger musical genius in this movie set in the 18th century, though he will lose the acting Oscar to his co-star F.

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Murray Abraham. And Rob Reiner directs this iconic mockumentary about a fictional heavy metal band whose amplifiers famously 'go to 11'. This influential British indie band, led by Morrissey and Johnny Marr, and with a name chosen to be as 'ordinary' as possible, releases its self-titled debut album. Van Halen's , featuring 'Jump,' 'I'll Wait,' and 'Panama,' is the band's biggest selling album -- but it will be the last to feature this singer until Boosted by a briliant shot-for-shot parody of the original Michael Jackson video, this pop music satirist breaks through to wider audiences with the gold record 'Eat It'.

Lobbying by the Parents Music Resource Center, including this activist married to a senator and future presidential candidate, leads to the use of 'Parental Advisory' labels. The television broadcast of Live Aid, satellite-linked joint benefit concerts in London and this American city, is watched by an estimated 1. This singer, who splits time between the band Genesis and a hugely sucessful solo career, is the only artist to appear in both Live Aid stadiums traveling by Concorde to make it. Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson form this country supergroup, with the name trading on their 'outlaw' status within the genre.

This former teen model and Seventeen cover girl releases her debut album, which goes multiplatinum on the strength of three 1 singles, including 'How Will I Know'. This artist spends six weeks at the top of the album chart with Like A Virgin , stars in the film Desperately Seeking Susan , and inspires several fashion trends.

A major music festival is held for the first time in this South American city, drawing 1. This musical stage adaption of a melodramatic novel by Victor Hugo, based on a French production which had a successful 3-month run in Paris, opens in London's West End. This Texas songwriter wielding a wry wit and a spectacular pompadour releases his debut album and is immediately hailed as a new creative force in country music. Aardman Animations and the Brothers Quay create a groundbreaking music video for this Peter Gabriel single; the song rockets to 1 and the video will win numerous awards.

This musician releases the critically acclaimed album Graceland , a collaboration with black South African musicians he sought out after being given a recording by a friend.


In a seminal cross-pollination of rap and rock, Run DMC completely reimagines this s Aerosmith hit originally inspired by a gag in the movie Young Frankenstein. Though hip-hop grew out of a black urban subculture, this white group has the first chart-topping rap album, Licensed To Ill. Janet Jackson breaks with her father and charts her own path with this aptly-named album, which becomes a hit due partly to videos choreographed by a then-unknown Paula Abdul.

The Phantom Of The Opera , written by this celebrated stage composer, premieres in London to sellout crowds. With 'Danger Zone' from Top Gun , this former partner of Jim Messina has a third top ten hit from a movie sountrack after songs from Caddyshack and Footloose. This former Wham! This Michael Jackson album, his first in almost five years, is the first to ever have five different tracks reach 1. This fifth U2 album rapidly becomes the band's most successful release; the title plays on its themes of surviving spiritually in a desert of political and social callousness.

Name any of the three superstars who join forces on Trio , which goes platinum and spawns four top ten country hits.

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This Rick Astley hit will reach 1 in 25 countries. Los Lobos hits 1 with this title track to a film biopic of Ritchie Valens, who died in the same plane crash as Buddy Holly. This Philadelphia duo releases the album He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper , catapulting them to stardom and leading eventually to a starring television role for one of them. In her hit debut album, this artist brings soulful singing, sparse arrangements, and politically charged lyrics to songs like 'Fast Car' and 'Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution'. This Irish musician combines elements of celtic, new age, and folk music in her second album, Watermark , which becomes a critical and commerical success.