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For example, packing and shipping supplies and tools should be in one area. Or create a shelf for items you take with you when you travel, such as your travel briefcase, neoprene sleeves and portable chargers. Signed contracts and other items that you want to keep in paper form should be filed away promptly. Scan anything else into digital form.

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Shred and discard or recycle the paper. Have a folder for all paper documents. Pendaflex hanging folders, along with manila inner folders, are an inexpensive solution. Label both. Pendaflex folders are your placeholder in the filing cabinet, and should be left there at all times. The inner manila folder is the one you pull out as needed.

Got computer cables and electrical cords in a tangled mess? Luckily, special twist ties and cord covers can keep things neat. Label your cords, so you can find the right one when you have to disconnect or move something. If you need to refer to a checklist for a task, or some kind of reminder, pin it to a corkboard right near your desk. This is good for any new process until it becomes an ingrained habit. Simply untack the item when you no longer need to refer to it. Ever need to refer to the operation manual for your printer? Or find the small instruction flyer that came with your Bluetooth headset?

Organize device chargers; pens; paper clips; notepads and sticky notes; scissors and other items. Shelves and drawers can benefit from labeling them. That way everyone in the office knows the right place to return things. Mental clutter is as much an issue as physical clutter. One of the key points in the Getting Things Done system is to get items out of your head and onto paper or an electronic list. That way, you can focus on the task at hand.

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Just keep your to-do list short and uncluttered. At the end of each workweek, put things used during the week back in their places.

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Shred or file paper stacks. Options such as Google Drive or OneDrive let you set up central folders by topic or client, to share documents. A project management system keeps employees on track with projects. More importantly, it eliminates paper to-do lists and email instructions, and confusion that arises from them. Then you can discard paper receipts. With advanced apps you can sync up receipts with your accounting records or credit card records automatically avoiding manual keying.

Do you ever spend time hunting for links to recurring reference sites or login screens? Or not remember where to find them? Bookmark them and organize bookmarks into folders, so you can get to them in a couple of clicks. Another timesaver is to save favorites lists at online retailers you use regularly. Sites like Staples.

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Consider setting a policy to delete archived files after a certain time, too. Few things can cause more disruption and confusion than lost files, or lost time, due to computer viruses and malware attacks. Smart phones used wisely save time and can make us happier.


Have powerful smartphones with enough internal memory to run needed apps. Speaking of smartphones, business owners and employees alike are using multiple devices — perhaps a desktop computer, tablet and smartphone per person, all in the same day. Cloud file storage or at least the ability to automatically sync files is essential to save time and avoid confusion from not having the most recent file.

In your home we:. Schedule an Appointment. Some of the ways we organize your office is by making good use of filing systems, paring down the paper piles and evaluating the space. None of the space is wasted. The reason it is not wasted is because we work with you one-on-one to sort out and create organized systems.

Let us help you get organized today and start loving your office space. Unpacking and Move Management. Chaos to Order can help manage your move from beginning to end. In the beginning, our organizers will help you conquer clutter and maximize space. To maximize the space we will purge the items you will not be taking, and inventory everything that you move. If you are moving items that go to different places we can manage and define where those items should go. We direct the movers accordingly. After your move, take a break. Our organizing professionals give you a break by relieving the stress of unpacking and settling in.

As part of settling in we will help you determine optimal placement for all items.

21 Storage and Organization Ideas to Make any Office Run Smoother

We can set up the kitchen and provide overall space planning and arrangement. With our organizing and unpacking service we can get you settled quickly. Summer Purge June 20, Organize Your Garage Now April 1, Organized Laundry Room March 16, Is your Bathroom Organized?