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In this mode, players can make it into the Splatfest Top if they raise their Splatfest Power high enough. In Pro mode, your clout increases when you defeat an opposing team. Teams with a higher Splatfest Power give you more clout when you defeat them. Inkopolis Square, the main hub area of the game, is also changed for Splatfest.

During Splatfest, Inkopolis Square appears as it would at night, and Pearl and Marina put on a special concert all throughout Splatfest. Inkopolis Square is also filled with artwork from both teams during Splatfest in the form of neon signs and banners. During Splatfest, players can submit artwork, especially for their Splatfest team, in addition to regular artwork. This artwork will appear throughout Inkopolis Square and in the multiplayer stages.

To do this, go to the giant Amiibo box located at the back of Inkopolis Square and scan your Peal or Marina Amiibo, just like you normally would. Depending upon which Amiibo you used, Pearl or Marina will ask if you'd like to take a picture. Confirm that you want to take a picture and your Inkling or Octoling will appear on stage with the selected character. All Splatfest participants receive Super Sea Snails after the winners are announced.

The number of Super Sea Snails each player receives is determined by their ranking at the end of Splatfest and whether they were on the winning or losing team. Super Sea Snails are a currency in Splatoon 2 that can be used to upgrade your gear abilities. Super Sea Snails can be given to the character Murch who replaces Spike from the original Splatoon game , who will add ability slots to your gear, or allow you to reroll for new abilities on gear that already contains a full set of abilities.

You can earn between 2 and 24 Super Sea Snails during each Splatfest, depending upon your final ranking. It is beneficial to scrub your Splatfest shirt as you fill up its abilities throughout Splatfest so that you can collect these extra ability chunks, since you do not get to keep the Splatfest shirt after the event is over.

These ability chunks can then be applied to other gear later. Splatfest is also a great time to interact with the Splatoon 2 community online and meet other fans of the game. Some fans get incredibly heated over their chosen Splatfest team, making the game more competitive and fun during Splatfest. Prior to the ver. After the ver. In Normal mode, your Clout is determined by the amount you ink during a match, as well as your win bonus. Your clout in Pro mode increases when you defeat an opposing team. These rankings are the key to acquiring more Super Sea Snails at the end of each Splatfest.

The team name is determined by the team you chose for that particular Splatfest. All players receive Super Sea Snail rewards just for participating in Splatfest. The number of Super Sea Snails each player received is determined by their ranking at the end of Splatfest, as well as whether their team won or lost. Super Sea Snails must be collected before the next Splatfest is announced, or the player will lose any Super Sea Snails they would have won from the previous Splatfest.

You will earn between 2 and 24 Super Sea Snails for each Splatfest you participate in. Koshian Splatfest for Japan. This update also replaced the Solo and Team modes with the new Normal and Pro modes. Many players were upset that they couldn't play on teams with just one or two friends in Splatfest before the update, and this game mode change fixes that problem.

This new mode is for those players who complained that Ranked was unavailable during Splatfest prior to the Ver. With this update, lucky players may also find themselves randomly appearing in special 10x battles. If you win one of these special battles, your points will be multiplied by There are also rumors that super rare x battles may appear as well. Prior to the 4. After the 4. Nintendo has confirmed that Splatoon 2 Splatfests are to continue until the summer of The final Splatfest will start July 18th, In this world-wide Final Fest, players will choose between Chaos or Order.