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We can divide them into three broad types: word-for-word, meaning-to-meaning also called thought-for-thought and paraphrased.

Translation Comparison Charts

The word-for-word versions most accurately follow the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts. Other manuscripts discovered since the King James Version was translated show it to be extremely reliable. In the New Testament the sheer bulk of thousands of texts 4, Greek manuscripts means that many minor variations among the manuscripts will be found.

About 98 percent of the known Greek manuscripts agree with the basic text of the King James Bible. Even the variations that do exist rarely affect the basic meaning in the remaining 2 percent of those manuscripts. The Old Testament books are equally trustworthy. The Bible is the best-attested book from the ancient world! The accuracy of a version is obviously of utmost importance. What about the meaning-to-meaning versions?

12222 Bible Translation Guide

They can be valuable in putting the Scriptures into more understandable wording. For example, the New King James Version of Hebrews Hebrews 17 Why in all things it behooved him to be made like to his brothers, that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people. The latter explains the point more clearly for most readers today, although the former is a more direct translation of the original language. So, when the text is not clear, many times a modern meaning-to-meaning translation can help.

A meaning-to-meaning translation is also helpful in conveying the point of ancient figures of speech—idioms—that would not make sense to us in modern language.

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Their goal is to make the Bible even easier to read in modern language. Paraphrased versions can be consulted to better grasp the story flow but should not be relied on exclusively to establish doctrine.

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Perhaps both should have been taken for judgment! Strauss, in my opinion, has violated point two above. He let his agenda criticizing the ESV get the best of his English. Strauss has ignored perhaps the premier rule of all linguistic communication: context is king.

Can I Trust Bible Translations: Evidence for the Bible pt17

I grant that a reader totally ignorant of first-century agrarian customs may be confused here, though I doubt anyone will ever seriously think Jesus was speaking of a sensual dance. In this one instance, however, I feel Strauss was guilty of overreach.

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Other things being equal, look for a Bible translation reviewer who 1 reads ancient Greek and Hebrew, 2 has mastered English, and 3 has done his homework. In many ways we offend all. I can see ways in which my lack of diligence kept me from developing skills in the biblical languages that I was offered by my good teachers.

A Procedure for Comparison

Unfortunately Mark Strauss has a legitimate point about two women grinding together. Having grown up in the greater New York City area, grinding was the pinnacle of the dances we knew in that day. To get a girl to grind with you was a serious level of accomplishment on the road to sexual intimacy and a sign of sexual prowess. Upon reading that translation of Luke I must admit that visual of two women doing the grind flashed across my mind. This is a product of my early socialization but true nevertheless.

Probably not worthy of speaking about to someone whose experience is totally foreign to this. Kind of a moot point but I had to state my opinion.

Why View a Bible Passage in More Than One Bible?

Relevance Theory would lead me to expect that people assume that a statement will be relevant to them given the background knowledge they take to the text. I can see that people with different backgrounds would interpret the phrase differently. Likewise, people in certain primitive cultures have never seen a sheep.

The image is too strongly woven throughout the whole Bible.

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We cannot erase the historical and cultural distance between us and the authors of Scripture.